Sold as seed packet (approximately 100 seeds per packet).

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Sold as seed packet (approximately 100 seeds per packet).

At a Glance: Large-leaved Lupine is a perennial commonly grown in gardens as an ornamental and many color variations have been developed. Lupine grows well in wet, open areas such as meadows, seashore, and streamside areas. It grows well in disturbed soils and acts as a nitrogen fixer.

Leaves: Palmately compound leaves with 10-17 leaflets that reach up to 12 cm long in a bright to dark green color.

Flowers: The non-cultivated version of Large-leaved Lupine creates blue to violet pea-like flowers that form dense cluster columns up to 40 cm tall. Flowers develop into hairy pods up to 5cm long.

Growing Conditions:

Sun/Shade Tolerance Hydrology Elevation Range
mostly sunny 60-80% moist soils low elevation
mid elevation

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