Western Canada Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis): Bundle of 10


Bareroot plants sold in bundles of 10 plugs.

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Sold in bundles of 10 plugs.

At a Glance: Western Canada goldenrod is a perennial herb with bright yellow flowers that grows along roadsides, meadows, or forest openings. This plant is 40-150 cm tall.

Leaves: hairy lance-linear to narrowly elliptic.

Flowers: form dense golden pyramid cluster; flower heads numerous, somewhat overlapping and sometimes sticky.

Ethnobotany: Solidago is a medicinal plant; the Latin name comes from solidus (whole) and ago (to make) – i.e., to make whole or cure.

Growing Conditions:

Sun/Shade Tolerance Hydrology Elevation Range
Full sun > 80%
Mostly sunny 60%-80%
Partial sun and shade 40%- 60%
Low elevation
Mid elevation
High elevation


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