Grand Fir (Abies grandis): Bundle of 10


Bareroot plants sold in bundles of 10.

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Sold in bundles of 10.

At a Glance: Grand fir is a large evergreen tree that grows in moist coniferous forests; along river flats to fairly dry slopes, from low to middle elevations.

Height: 80 meters tall

Bark: greyish-brown, usually with white mottles, smooth with resin blisters when young, becoming ridged and then scaly with age.

Needles: needles flat, tips rounded and notched, 2-4 cm long, dark green and grooved above, two white lines of stomata below; in two distinct horizontal rows.

Cones: Pollen cones yellowish; seed cones yellowish-green, cylindrical, 5-10 cm long, high in the crown where they fall apart through the autumn.

Growing Conditions:

Sun/Shade Tolerance Hydrology Elevation Range
full sun > 80%
mostly sunny 60%-80%
partial sun and shade 40%- 60%
low elevation
mid elevation


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