Sold in bundles of 5 plugs.

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Sold in bundles of 5 plugs.

At a Glance: Big leaved shrub commonly found in the undergrowth.

Height: Up to 5ft, usually shorter
Leaves: Large, thick and leathery and finely toothed along the edge                                                                           Fruit: Dark blue to purple edible berries in clumps facing downward
Flowers: Small white flowers in small clusters

Appeal: This shrub provides a lush undergrowth, habitat for wildlife and has edible berries that attract wildlife and humans.

Helpful Tips:  Plant in shady area and mulch well. Click HERE to determine your recommended planting density.

Ethnobotany: Widely used as a food source and the branches were used to flavor soups.

Sun/Shade Tolerance Hydrology Elevation Range
partial sun and shade 40%- 60%
mostly shady 60%-80%
full shade > 80%
low elevation
mid elevation
Wildlife Value
Thickets and shelter
Attractant for pollinators

Nectar for butterflies


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