Approximately 400 – 500 seeds.

At a Glance: Seablush is an annual wildflower that grows 2-24 inches tall. It has bright pink to white clustered flower heads that bloom from March-June.

Leaves: The leaves  on this species are oppositely arranged and oblong shaped. The lower leaves are early deciduous.

Flowers: The small, bright pink to white flowers grow in densely crowded, headlike clusters at the stem tips.

Fun Fact: Seablush flowers provide a spring nectar source for bumble bees and other native bees, as well as butterflies including the endangered and rare Taylor’s checkerspot (Found in our South Sound Prairies).

Growing Conditions:

Sun/Shade Tolerance Hydrology Elevation Range
Full sun > 80%
Mostly sunny 60%-80%
Low elevation
Mid elevation


Photo by Northwest Meadowscapes.

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