Sold as seed packet (approximately 500 per packet) .

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Sold as seed packet (approximately 500 per packet) .

At a Glance: Self-heal is a perennial in the mint family. It has purplish to pink short-stalked flowers and can form mats along moist roadsides, clearings, fields, lawns, and forest edges. This pollinator friendly plant is 10-50 cm tall.

Leaves: Oblong leaves arranged oppositely; minutely hairy to hairless; relatively few per plant.

Flowers: Purplish to pink short-stalked flowers form spike-like clusters atop stem.

Ethnobotany: Self-heal has  history in medieval Europe and among Native Americans as a medicinal herb.

Growing Conditions: 

Sun/Shade Tolerance Hydrology Elevation Range
full shade > 80%

mostly sunny 60-80%

Mid elevation

Low elevation


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